Countries requesting EUR 1

Countries requesting  EUR 1
Countries requesting EUR 1

Eur1 is a document which certifies the EU preferential origin of goods traveling towards Extra – UE countries who have agreed preferential duties with UE.

The customer in this way can reduce or avoid import duties. It can be substituted by a declaration in the invoice for shipments with a value of less than 6000 euro or even more if the company is a AEO. (Authorized Economic Operator). To issue the Eur1, the exporter has to fill in a specific document addressed to the Customs Authorities which has to be presented along with the ID of the person who signs it.

We are at your disposal to provide all the necessary documents according to the Customs Office of departure / arrival of the goods.

South Africa Gabon Lesotho Saint-Eustache
Albania Gambia Lebanon Saint-Martin
Algeria Georgea South Liberia Saint Pierre
Andorra South Sandwich Islands Liechtenstein Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Angola Gaza Macedonia Saint’Elena and its dependencies (Ascension Island, Diego Alvarez, or Gough, Trista, da Cunha
Anguilla Ghana Madagascar
Antigua and Barbuda Jamaica Malawi
Aruba Jordan Mali Saint Lucia
Bahamas Grenada Morocco Western Samoa
Barbados Greenland Mayotte Sao Tome and Principe
Belize Guatemala Mexico Serbia
Benin Guyana Micronesia (Federated states) Sierra Leone
Bonaria Guinea Bissau Miquelon Syria
Bosnia Guinea Conakry Montenegro Somalia
Botswana Equatorial Guinea Montserrat Suriname
Bulgaria Haiti Monzabico Switzerland
Burundi Iceland Nauru Tanzania
Cameroon Cook Islands Niue Territory British dell’Antartica
Chad Falkland Islands Nicaragua
Chile Faroe Islands Norway Serbia
West Bank Fiji New Caledonia
Colombia Islands, Kaiman Panama Timor (in the process of joining)
Comoros Marshall Islands Papua Guinea Nuiova Togo
Congo (Brazzaville) Islands Naurizio Peru Tonga
Congo Kinshasa Solomon Islands Pitcairn Trinidad and Tobago
Ivory Coast Seychelles French Polynesia Tunisia
Costa Rica Turks and Caicos Islands Rep. Central Africa Turkey
Curacao British Virgin Islands rep. Dominican Tuvalu
Sunday Wallis and Futuna Islands Rep. Nauru Uganda
Egypt Island of Tahiti Rep. Palau Vanuatu
El Salvador Israel Rwanda Zambia
Eritrea Kenya Romania Zimbadwe
Erzegovia Kiribati Saba
Etipia Nevis Saint Christophe et
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  • Our special attention to financial administration and management.
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